Review Policy

I am not currently reviewing on this site. As such, I am not accepting review requests. You can check out my new site at

If you have a book you believe I would be interested in, please email me at Iola's Christian Reads, and provide the title, author, contact details, release date, publisher, book blurb, and a link to the Amazon sales page (so I can read the sample before I make my decision). Please do not send a cover image or ebook in the first instance.

If I agree to review your book, I will provide an email address you can forward the ebook to. These must be mobi, prc or pdf files smaller than 2MB. Please note that I do not accept gift vouchers or books gifted via Amazon (as Amazon sees these as compensation), but I do accept Smashwords coupons.

I receive an average of three review requests each week directly from authors, and I schedule reviews around three months in advance, so I can't agree to every request. Preference will be given to:
  • Authors I have previously reviewed;
  • Christian fiction in the romance or women's fiction genres; and
  • Authors who are members of this blog or who follow my Facebook page.

I am unlikely to agree to review a book that has obvious editorial issues, where the author's voice does not catch my attention or books that are too long (I prefer approximately 90,000 words). I want to be able to recommend the books I read and review. If your sample can't convince me that I will enjoy your book, I'm not going to review it. I don't like writing negative reviews, but I will.

I do not guarantee that I will provide reviews on a particular timetable, unless the timetable has been discussed and agreed in advance with the author/publisher.  I do not send a finished review to the author or publisher prior to posting. If there is a technical error, please post a comment and I will correct the error. However, I will not change any aspect of the review for any other reason.

Like everyone, I have personal tastes in my reading, and my reviews will reflect those tastes (e.g. I'm not keen on Amish romance, and I dislike cliffhanger endings)I may love a book that you hate, and vice versa.  My reviews might not always be flattering, but they will be my honest opinion.  If you disagree with me, feel free to add a comment and tell everyone what you liked/disliked about the book.

I am willing to consider author interviews and giveaways for books I review. Please feel free to contact me with details about your promotion. Additional copies of books for giveaways are always appreciated. Any books accepted for review are for promotional purposes only and should not be considered as income.  Print books accepted for review will not be returned (unless agreed in advance and accompanied by a SAE) and may be given away on this website. 

Book cover art, author photos etc., are sourced from, and are used in good faith. Any copyrighted material will be removed upon request.