11 January 2012

Review: Love Finds A Way

This is a collection of three contemporary romantic novellas:

Blueberry Surprise: Lorna decides to go back to college to pursue her dream of teaching, a dream she gave up to put her deceased husband through medical school. But she doesn’t count on the romantic interest of Evan, another student.

Grandma’s Doll: Shelia is back in town helping her grandmother, recovering from a broken engagement and trying to find the collectible doll she played with as a child with the help of local antique shop owner, Dwaine.

Matchmaker: Wendy has taken over her father’s barber shop, and has no interest in dating, despite the efforts of her matchmaking father to set her up with Kyle the paramedic.

The three stories were a nice quick read, but the conversations were a little stilted at times (too much awkward ‘God talk’ that didn’t read like normal conversation), and all were based on the ‘love at first sight’ plot. I personally prefer the ‘boy next door’ plot or a friendship that develops into love, as I think this is a better basis for a lasting relationship, and is a better example to set for young people in this age of divorce. The characters were all aged in their twenties, but the book felt more young adult than adult in tone and language. Love Finds a Wayis Wanda Brunstetter’s first departure from Amish fiction. It will appeal to her fans as well as those who enjoy sweet fiction from authors such as Lori Wick.

Thanks to Barbour Publishing and NetGalley for providing a free ebook for review.

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