16 April 2012

Review - Eyes of Justice by Liz Wiehl and April Henry

The Triple Threat Club is back in Eyes of Justice. Cassidy Shaw, Allison Pierce and Nicole Hedges met in their exclusive Portland high school, but only became close friends six years ago at their ten-year reunion, when they realised they all worked in different aspects of law enforcement, Cassidy as a TV reporter on the crime watch, Allison as a prosecutor and Nicole as an FBI agent. Over the years they have covered many of the same cases, and it appears they have made enemies.

When one of the Triple Threats is found under her kitchen sink, murdered, the other two are soon seeking justice. But investigating a case they have no official right to be investigating is going to tread on someone's toes... possibly even those of the murderer. The police quickly make an arrest, but the women are concerned that the police may not have the right man, which means the real killer is still out there, planning his next move.

This is a well-written and fast paced thriller, and the fact that the victim is someone that readers of the series know and care about brings the whole thing closer to home in a way that an unknown victim doesn’t. The main characters are likeable but not perfect, and we get to know a little more about some of the secondary characters as well. If there is a weakness, it is that there is a lot of focus on the crime and the Triple Threat women, and not much development of their family and colleagues.

Eyes of Justice is the fourth of the Triple Threat Novels, following Face of Betrayal, Hand of Fateand Heart of Ice. It can be read as a standalone, but is probably more enjoyable if read in sequence. I thought Eyes of Justice was excellent, and I will certainly be keen to read the next in the series. Although published and marketed as Christian fiction, only one of the main characters is a Christian, and there is very little ‘preachiness’, so I think this would appeal to all thriller fans, not just those in the Christian market.

Thanks to Thomas Nelson and Booksneeze® for providing a free ebook for review.

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