9 November 2012

Review: Soul's Gate by James L Rubart

Thirty years ago, Reece Roth was given a prophecy: “there will come a day when you will train them—they will be four. The song, the teacher, the leader, the temple.” That day has now come, and Reece, along with Marcus Amber, Dana Raine, Brandon Scott, and Tamera Miller, are scheduled to go on a retreat together. Before they leave, Reece instructs the four to read the gospels and the book of Acts, and watch a movie - The Matrix.

Once on their retreat, Reese shares with the others some of the things he has learnt on his Christian walk. This is heavy, serious, spiritual stuff that threatens to break the four out of their everyday Christianity as they work together to get to know each other and break down spiritual barriers.

Jim Rubart is the award-winning author of RoomsBook of Days and The Chair, and from reading Soul’s Gate, I can see why. Soul's Gate is a story of freedom in Christ, with a strong emphasis on the spiritual battles that sometimes must be fought for that freedom. While Soul's Gate finishes the story, the ending makes it equally clear that this is only the start of the journey for the four warriors, just as this is the first book in what I hope is planned to be a series.

This is not comfortable Christian fiction. The reader of Amish romance who occasionally branches out into a Western romance or a Love Inspired title is not going to enjoy Soul's Gate. But the reader who wants something a bit more challenging and who can deal with a bit of the "woo-woo demons and angels" stuff while find this book worth reading, if only to debate which aspects are fiction and which just might be true. Recommended.

Thanks to Thomas Nelson and Netgalley for providing a free ebook for review. You can find out more about James L Rubart at his website

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