14 August 2013

Review: Leading the Way Through Galatians by Michael Youssef

Dr Michael Youssef takes us through the book of Galatians a chapter at a time, discussing in detail what Paul is saying to the Galatian church, then applying that to the church today. His criticisms are generally aimed at the American church, but it’s not just America that is suffering from moral decline and an excess of greed. 

I like his style. The writing is easy to read and accessible – Michael Youssef might have a PhD, but you don’t need one to read it (unlike some Christian non-fiction books I have attempted to read). And he doesn’t confine himself to Galatians, but quotes from other books of the Bible to reinforce the key messages.

There is a lot of sense and wisdom in here, and I particularly like his approach to Christian self-help books: you don’t need them. Instead, he calls us to invest in a stronger faith by going deeper into God’s word, the Bible, and to be on our guard against anyone who preaches a gospel other than salvation through Jesus.

Michael Youssef has written three other books: Leading the Way Through Joshua, Daniel
and Ephesians. If Leading the Way Through Galatians is typical of his writing, I’d recommend any of them.

Thanks to Harvest House and NetGalley for providing a free ebook for review. You can find out more about Michael Youssef at his website.

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