20 December 2013

Review: Tempest's Course by Lynnette Sowell

An enjoyable light read

Kelly Frost has been hired by the mysterious Mr Chandler of Firstborn Holdings to restore an antique quilt. The catch is that she has to undertake the work on site: in Gray House, New Bedford, the home of 1850’s whaler Hiram Gray and his wife, Mary. Kelly discovers and reads Mary’s diary, and finds a lot of similarities with the woman who stitched the quilt she is now charged with restoring. The diary was an interesting window into a past where women were married off to older men, who expected their wives to uphold standards of fidelity they didn’t hold to themselves.

Kelly is an interesting character who is hiding a lot of secrets. She grew up in foster care and has no contact with any members of her family, which makes her the opposite of Tom Silva, the Gray House gardener, who has a large family that Kelly envies. Kelly also has secrets in her professional past that have forced her to move to New Bedford for this job. Tom doesn’t have secrets in the same way, but has his own issues. He suffers from dyslexia and has always felt he doesn’t measure up to his father’s expectations.

Tempest's Course is part of the Quilts of Love series. However, it is a standalone novel, as there are no linking places or characters between the different books in the series (the link is simply that they all feature quilts—and love). I’ve read several and enjoyed some more than others.
Tempest's Course, with a mix of romance and suspense underpinned by a solid Christian message, is one of the better titles I've read from the series.

Thanks to Abingdon and NetGalley for providing a free ebook for review.

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