22 May 2014

Review: Bluebonnet Bride by Colleen Coble

Short Novella. Sorry, Spoilers Ahead

Mail-order bride Elli Korpela has travelled from Finland to Austin, Texas, to marry Nathan White. She’s hiding from her past, while Nathan is looking for a woman to care for his four-year-old niece, Hannah. He’s not looking for love. But he finds himself drawn to Elli and feels protective towards her, particularly when they have a break-in and it seems Elli was the target …

There were a few factual oddities, and I found these distracted from the story. It wasn’t explained where Hannah’s father was, and why Nathan was responsible for her. Finland wasn’t the first country to give women the vote (that honour goes to New Zealand, in 1893), although Finland was the first to allow women to vote and stand for Parliament. It didn’t explain how allowing women to vote impacted on Elli’s property rights.

[Spoiler alert]

And I didn’t understand how a property deed would fit inside a wooden Russian doll (the smallest doll in a set of Matryoshka dolls is solid, not hollow, and is far too small to hold a property deed and letter). This last point was particularly annoying, as it made the entire suspense plot seem unbelievable.

However, the romance was sweet. I’ve always got a soft spot for a good marriage of convenience story, and Bluebonnet Bride certainly provided that.

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