17 June 2014

Review: Truth be Told by Carol Cox

Christian Western Romance

It’s 1893, and Amelia Wagner has returned to Granite Springs, Arizona Territory, to spend the summer with her father, editor of the local newspaper. However, he is dying, and leaves her in charge of the newspaper—and of investigating the Great Western Investment Company, who are buying up all the land around town for mining.

Ben Stone is employed by Great Western to research and negotiate possible land acquisitions. His boss encourages him to befriend Amelia in the hopes that she will print a retraction of her father’s stories maligning the company. He’s pleased to be spending time with Amelia, but finds she’s not easy to persuade, especially when her oily stepfather arrives in town (yes, her mother remarried only days after the death of her father).

I didn’t enjoy Truth Be Told as much as I enjoyed the last Carol Cox novel I read (Trouble in Store), as I found it a bit slow to get going, and the initial interactions between Amelia and Ben didn’t have the same level of charm. This was partly because they were on opposing sides of an argument, and partly because they simply didn’t spend enough time together. It’s difficult to believe the progression of a romantic relationship when they’re never together!

However, Truth Be Told took off after the halfway point, and the second half was an excellent mix of romance and suspense as the two seek to find the truth behind Great Western. Truth Be Told is Christian romance, but the faith aspects are understated and not at all preachy. Overall, Truth Be Told was an enjoyable enough read, but not one I’d keep and reread.

Thanks to Bethany House and NetGalley for providing a free ebook for review. You can find out more about Carol Cox at her website, blog, Facebook or Twitter.

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