5 August 2014

Review: Out of Hiding by Rachel Dylan

Enjoyable Debut

Sadie Lane is a private investigator with a mission: to bring down the man who gunned down her parents when she was eight, and left her an orphan in the Witness Protection scheme—and with an abiding distrust of the FBI, who she sees as failing her family. Enter FBI agent Kip Moore, who she is forced to work with—and who might just change her mind. They are both on the trail of the same man, and the race is on to find a missing girl before they are exposed.

I’m a long-standing fan of romantic suspense, but haven’t always been impressed with the offerings from Love Inspired Suspense. I can see they are written to a definite structure (surely it’s not coincidence that they all have ten chapters?), and this can work against them. Not so with Out of Hiding. It started with a blast (well, actually with a gunshot), and the pace didn’t let up as it moved from Texas to Mexico, and then to the one place Sadie had promised never to go.

I liked both the lead characters—always important in a romance. It took a long time for each of them to get over their initial distrust, but the ending was worth the wait. My one grouch is that in the first portion, Sadie in particular was so busy being suspicious of Kip that she missed the obvious link between their cases (and so did he). They got there, and the story continued it’s fast pace, and managed to surprise me with an unexpected plot twist more than once. An enjoyable first novel, and I’ll look forward to reading more from Rachel Dylan.

Thanks to the author for providing a free ebook for review. You can find out more about Rachel Dylan at her website.

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