13 April 2015

Review: In Tune with Love by Amy Mateyo

Fun New Adult Romance

April Quinn’s sister is getting married, and when the wedding coordinator quits with a week to go, she ropes April in to finish the job. What Bridezilla hasn’t told April is that the wedding singer is none other than country music star Jack Vaughan, the guy who gained national fame with April’s lyrics. April’s unacknowledged lyrics. April hasn’t forgiven him … but the sparks flying between them are more than just old hurts.

Jack is sorry for what he did, but he has no idea how to fix the problem … until April’s sister asks him to be her wedding singer. He agrees, as a personal favour to April. Not that she seems to appreciate the gesture. And she’s as cute as ever … maybe the wedding will give him the opportunity to make things right.

Apart from Jack, April’s other problem is that her family don’t appreciate her and don’t respect her career choices, calling her tunes and lyrics “jingles” (I probably wouldn’t be happy either if April was my daughter. But she’s only twenty-two. She’s got time to grow up).

This pretty much encapsulates my problem with April: she’s earnest and hardworking, but she’s young and more naïve than I would have expected, given her history with Jack and the fact she works in a bar surrounded by musicians and people who want to be musicians. She’s still writing lyrics on receipt backs: three years, and she’s never thought to buy a pad of paper to carry around? Or even to write on the back of her bar order pad?

The writing was good, the cover gorgeous, the story fun (if a bit over-the-top), and while I enjoyed it, I didn’t love it. April was lacking in maturity, and the whole wedding scenario was completely over-the-top, which made In Tune with Love seem more young adult than real adult.

Thanks to Zondervan and NetGalley for providing a free ebook for review. You can find out more about Amy Mateo at her website.

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