26 May 2015

Blog Tour: Walking a Haunted Sandbar by Rorry Nighttrain East

Book Description

A lyrical yarn about an overly-curious newspaper man transplanted from England to the eastern coast of the USA, who stumbles onto the fact that a one-hundred-year-old cult of drowned sailors has complete control of his quaint, seaside town. A legend about a hand-held golden mirror (with a portable vortex inside its case); as it is randomly passed between owners in separate vignettes to change their lives beyond human comprehension. The ennui and general apathy of living in a sleepless big city that doesn’t seem to care—as expressed in skeleton symbols. A humble man with great calculating abilities uses his natural mind to auto-suggest (the future of law and order) hundreds of years from now.

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About the Author

Rorry Nighttrain East (a.k.a., R.L. Farr) is truly a literary anomaly. At least, he’s really not some kind of author to typecast, nor even place into any single mode or genre. For he seems to run all gamuts of poetry & prose, humor, short stories, screenplays, teleplays, and even novels. What’s next from this versatile new talent? He says he writes because he’s handicapped; and we believe him: Laugh, cry . . . and then wipe the tears away. You’ve found yourself the pen pal of a lifetime. (With two artificial legs thrown in, to boot.)

A repentant, imperfect Christian still under construction. Born on July 18, 1952 in Fresno, California, he is an alumnus of De Anza College Cupertino, California and was formerly a journeyman automobile mechanic for a Lincoln Mercury dealership in San Jose, California. He has since moved from the “Golden State” and now lives upon a sprawling ranch where he writes just outside the beautiful, mile-high mountains of Silver City, New Mexico.

You can found out more about Rorry at his website: http://rorrynighttraineast.com/Home.html

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