4 July 2015

Friday Fifteen: Brandan C. Hadlock

Friday Fifteen: Fifteen books which have influenced your life or your writing. Today, a warm welcome to Brandan C. Hadlock, who has recently released his first novella, Working With The Enemy (which was free when I checked yesterday - click on the link to get your copy).

Welcome, Brandan!

(Yes, I know it's Saturday for those of us Down Under. But it's still Friday in Utah, where Brandan lives.)

Fifteen Authors Who Have Impacted Me:

My favorite author is one that probably goes without saying for all, or at least most of Iola's readers. As to other authors, here is my attempt at 15—ish.

Baroness Emma Orczy

The Scarlet Pimpernel was once a favorite book of mine. I was amazed by Baroness Orczy's command of the English language. More than that, the story showed the incredible importance of communication between spouses.

E. Nesbit

A favorite of my youth.

Bryan Davis

I haven't actually read his books yet, but I love his online videos about writing.

Michael Ramsdell

His book, A Train to Potevka, influenced my writing on my first published novella.

Chris Stewart

His book, Shattered Bone, also guided the writing of my novella.

Madeleine L'Engle

Years ago I was told that my writing used words that were above my potential readers' understanding, or at least, the readers' normal usage. Then, in an article posted after Madeleine L'Engle passed away in 2007, I read a quote from her. I haven't found the quote since then, but in essence, L'Engle said she didn't dummy down her vocabulary for her readers. That was a great support for me. Why should we write at an elementary school level just because educators and professionals tell us to? Let us raise each other, not lower each other.

L.M. Montgomery

I had the opportunity to participate with my children in the stage version of Montgomery's beloved Anne of Green Gables. I also got to choreograph some of the dances. (Now I need to read the book :)

The U.S. Founding Fathers

Those great men who crafted the Constitution of the United States of America have blessed and influenced my life without measure.

That's a new one for Friday Fifteen, but I can absolutely agree with the sentiment!

Mary Leona Jolley and Joel Hills Johnson

They were two of my ancestors who were true to their faith in God . . . . Perhaps my writing gene came in part from them.

Brandon Mull

I enjoyed the Fablehaven series. And Brandon has a great name :)

Joel Rosenberg

Action and faith. I enjoyed the Last Jihad Series.

C. Terry Warner

I read Bonds That Make Us Free as part of a college class. Very insightful.

Dave Ramsey

For those who want to make sound financial choices.
(Isn't that everyone?)

Carolyn Keene

Yes, I know this is really a pseudonym for multiple authors, but I'll count it as one author.

Iola, thank you for the invitation to share this Friday Fifteen and for taking the time to review books.

My novella, Working With The Enemy, is available at Amazon.

Website: www.BJAMBLE.com
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I'd love to hear from my readers!

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