5 February 2016

Friday Fifteen: Marji Lane

Today I'm pleased to introduce suspense author Marji Lane, a fellow reviewer at Suspense Sisters Reviews. Marji is sharing her fifteen favourite authors, and it should be no surprise to learn she has a soft spot for suspense authors. Welcome, Marji!

I can definitely share my favorite 15 authors!


Jodie Bailey

I've only read one of her Love Inspired Suspense stories, but I loved it!

Patricia Bradley 

Patricia as a talent for unexpected twists!

Margaret Daley 

I love the action in her suspense stories!

Lynette Eason 

I don't know how she creates the twists that she does, but they are outstanding!

Elizabeth Goddard 

Whether it's suspense or romance, this lady can write!

Irene Hannon 

I've read a few of her most recent books! They certainly don't let me sleep!

Nancy Mehl 

Her Sanctuary series is full of such hope, and I love the suspense she packs into her stories.

Dana Mentink 

I get so excited when she has a new book coming out! I can always count on a story that I'm going to love!

Dani Pettrey 

I've read everyone of her books and loved all of them! My go-to for great suspense and romance!


Cynthia Hickey 

Not only does she spin an exceptional mystery, she makes me laugh.

Sandra Orchard 

Her mystery/suspense books are riveting!


Sandra Ardoin 

Her latest holds the top spot in my all-time favorite list!

Margaret Brownley 

Her historical mysteries can completely throw me! Love the twists!

Patricia PacJac Carroll 

Talk about laughs! writes western romance novellas, clean, but with some crazy antics!


Jackie Castle 

Writes young adult fantasy, but in the realm of Lord of the Rings or The Chronicles of Narnia. And with the same epic effects!

Marji is about to release the third book in her Grime Fighter Novella series, which I'll be reviewing in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, here's a bit about the book:

About Grime Spree

Shadows from her past have haunted Dani’s dreams for months. Now, however, the ghosts are real and bringing a trail of death and destruction.

What begins as a romantic evening, the first in far too long, collapses into yet another crime scene. However, this one has someone involved who is familiar to Dani. Too familiar.

And worse, he recognizes her.

Jay’s new promotion has increased his working hours considerably, as well as interrupted and cancelled more than one date with Dani. His attempt to make it up to her at one of the nicest restaurants in the area backfires when the place is robbed.

But the biggest problem is that Dani seems to be in on the crime.

About Marji Lane

Marji Laine writes what she loves to read—mysteries, suspense, and romance with characters relying on an authentic faith in God to carry them through treachery, betrayal, and impossible circumstances.

A Home schooling mom of four, she has two still left in the nest. She coordinates high school subjects at a large co-op while teaching writing, psychology, and government classes. She also manages the co-op’s website, directs a children’s choir at her church, and is the senior reviewer at Suspense Sisters.

When not writing, she loves game night with the family, crocheting in front of a NASCAR race or Texas Ranger baseball game, or scrapbooking along with a Hallmark movie and her black Labrador mix at her feet.

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