1 March 2016

Review: Life Support by Nicki Edwards

Great Next Installment to Medical Rural Romance Series

Nurse Emma Chirnside’s marriage is over, but her husband dies before they can get a divorce. She finds he’s left her a house in her rural home town of Birranagulla . . . only it turns out to be more mansion than house. And it’s managed by her high school crush, Tom Henderson. Meanwhile, Tom seems to have picked up some baggage of his own, including a sick mother, and a daughter.

First up, Life Support isn’t Christian fiction, although there are references to prayer and heaven. It is a clean read (there is an extremely vague sex scene, I don’t recall any bad language, and the only violence and gore is related to the fact Emma works in an Emergency Department. It seems even small-town Australia gets more than their share of car accidents and other medical emergencies. (No, not a book for those who don’t like medical drama.)

I liked both Emma and Tom as characters. Emma, because she works in the Emergency Department even though she’s financially independent. Tom, because he’s a man of true character, in that his decision to pursue a relationship with Emma is about Emma—her inheritance doesn’t come into it. The minor characters are also good, especially the loveable Ruby. And Liam.

Life Support is a sweet, well-written romance with plenty of conflict in all the right places, and a fabulous setting (which is based on the real life Mt Mitchell Homestead, in case you're looking for a wedding venue in Victoria, Australia). It’s the fourth book in the series, but easily read as a standalone novel. Now I’m hoping this isn't the last in the series, because I'm really looking forward to Liam's story . . .

Thanks to Momentum Books and NetGalley for providing a free ebook for review.

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