20 February 2012

Review: Back to Resolution by Rose Dee

Bay embraces the hedonistic LA lifestyle following the death of her mother, until a drunken argument with her stepfather results in an ultimatum - leave the city or lose the generous allowance he provides. He has even arranged a temporary job for her, as a photographer in Australia, the country of her birth and the country where her unknown father lived. Bay takes the opportunity, recognising both the destructive nature of her current lifestyle and the need to find that there is more to life than the LA party scene.

In travelling to Daintree, Queensland, she begins to read the Bible she received as a parting gift from Richard, her previous boss and photography mentor, and in a moment where everything seems to be going wrong, turns her life over to Jesus. A series of coincidences then lead her to Resolution Island, the beautiful but run-down and isolated resort her father owns. Here she meets and befriends Flynn while learns more about her heavenly Father as she waits for her earthly father to return. But all is not well on their island paradise, as someone else wants it too…
Back to Resolution opens at a funeral, which is a little unusual, but it was immediately engaging. This is probably because characters were flawed yet likeable, which is pretty much true to life (and who wants perfect characters in fiction or in real life?). The story was well thought out, and got stronger as the book progressed. The writing broke several current writing conventions, but despite these potential faults, it worked. I particularly liked the emphasis on Bay's developing relationship as a Christian, and the suspense elements around her father, and around the others who want the island. Overall, a good read, and I will look forward to reading more by Rose Dee.

The second book in the Resolution series will be released in April 2012. Beyond Resolution will feature Jed (Flynn’s brother), and a Kings Cross stripper named Samara (Flynn’s ex-girlfriend). This sounds as if sparks could fly!

Thanks to Even Before Publishing for providing a free ebook for review.  For more information about Rose Dee, visit her website.

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