14 September 2015

Review: Intertwined by Jennifer Slattery

Not as Good as Her Debut Novel

I was impressed by Jennifer Slattery’s first novel, Beyond I Do, mostly because of the way she integrated the Christian faith seamlessly into the novel. I’m sorry to say I was less impressed by Intertwined.

The whole plot of Intertwined seemed driven by external circumstances, and it seemed that no sooner had one Bad Thing happened than another happened (to both Nick and Tammy), and I suspect the plot points would have had more impact if they didn’t keep stacking up, one on top of another. Also, the two ex’s were too stereotypical with no redeeming qualities. Marianne seemed more interested in keeping Nick away from their children to anger Nick than for any concern for the children, and Brody was the opposite—bordering on neglectful.

Most novels, especially romance novels, find ways to convince the characters—and, by proxy, the readers—that they shouldn’t be together. With Intertwined, it seemed obvious early on that Nick and Tammy were supposed to be together and nothing was stopping them except their own blind selves. That was frustrating as well. Yes, I’m pleased their wasn’t insta-lust, but some attraction would have been nice …

I also thought the Christian elements seemed more forced than in Beyond I Do (which I reviewed and recommended), especially when it came to the teenage daughter with more attitude than sense. I’ve got one of those myself, and I simply can’t imagine a child who loathes family devotions enjoying Hinds Feet in High Places and having insightful views about the allegory. It didn’t fit the character as she had been portrayed.

Overall, the writing was solid but unconvincing. It’s a long way from the worst book I’ve read recently (hey, I liked it enough to finish it!), but it wasn’t the best. It wasn’t the best I’ve read, and it wasn’t the author’s best.

Thanks to New Hope Publishers and NetGalley for providing a free ebook for review.

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