1 July 2016

Friday Fifteen: Elise M Stone

Today I'd like to welcome authors Elise M Stone to Iola's Christian Reads. Elise has recently released True Blue Murders, the first mystery in the African Violet Club Mysteries, and is here today to share her own favourite authors. Welcome, Elise!

Agatha Christie

For defining the classic cozy mystery and amateur sleuth Miss Marple.

2. Robert B. Parker 

For Spenser and his amazing way of conveying pictures with an economy of words.

3. Dennis Lehane 

For his Kenzie and Gennaro mysteries that illustrated the fact good guys aren’t all good and bad guys aren’t all bad.

4. Julia Spencer Fleming 

For her unconventional realistic Christian mysteries.

5. Nevada Barr 

For her incredible descriptions of our national parks.

6. Stephen Pressfield 

For The War of Art.

7. M.C. Beaton 

For the prickly yet delightful Agatha Raisin.

8. Robert A. Heinlein 

For my teenaged dreams of space travel.

9. Isaac Asimov

“The good doctor”, who taught me much science through his stories.

10. Craig Johnson 

For Longmire.

11. Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Not only for her fiction, but for her weekly business blogs for writers.

12. Jody Hedlund 

For “Luther and Katherina.”

13. Andy Weir

For showing how an indie tour de force could become a major motion picture.

14. Donald Bain (writing with "Jessica Fletcher") 

For the wonderful Murder, She Wrote books.

15. Ellery Queen 

For his (their?) famous 'play fair with the reader' mysteries.

About True Blue Murder

Lilliana Wentworth expects the First Annual African Violet Club Show and Sale at the Rainbow Ranch Retirement Community to be thrilling. The former librarian has developed her first hybrid, a plant with unusual deep blue flowers, and hopes to win a first place ribbon. Maybe even best in show. But her excitement turns to dread when the aggravating Bette Tesselink, her fiercest rival, turns up dead, and she becomes the logical suspect.

There’s never been a murder in the village of Rainbow Ranch, and it soon becomes apparent that the young Chief of Police is in over his head. Under pressure from the mayor, Lilliana is afraid he’ll arrest her in order to close the case. Her only option is to begin her own investigation and find the murderer before she winds up in jail.

The first in a new cozy mystery series sure to engage you with its fascinating characters and twisty plot.

About Elise

Elise M. Stone was born and raised in New York, went to college in Michigan, lived in the Boston area for eight years, and most recently moved to sunny Tucson, Arizona, where she doesn't have to shovel snow. Retired now, she spends her days doing her two favorite things: reading and writing. Agatha and Spenser, her two cats, keep her company while watching birds and lizards outside her office window. True Blue Murder is the first in a cozy mystery series that could be classified as geezer lit, but which she prefers to think of as fiction with mature characters.


Social media:

Twitter: @EliseMStone
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EliseMStone/


  1. Elise Stone is one of my favorite authors! I have enjoyed every book and short story I've read. Funny that she mentions that her new mystery series could be classified as "geezer lit." That's exactly what my daughter called it! Lol Well, I love it - guess I'm a geezer. Do yourself a favor and read her books.

    1. Yes, I loved the reference to "Geezer lit" as well. It's another one to add to my to-read pile.