26 January 2017

Review: Maybe It’s You by Candace Calvert

Warning: Triggers

If you’re looking for a light-hearted fun romance, Maybe It’s You isn’t the book you’re looking for (but I’d recommend Kara Isaac or Jen Turano). While there is no on-the-page sex or violence, the main character is an ER nurse with a history of hanging out with the wrong people, and a habit of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. You have been warned.

But if you’re on the lookout for a true-to-life medical drama with a side of Christian hope and forgiveness, then Maybe It’s You could be the book you’re looking for. It's the third book in the Crisis Team series, but you don't have to have read the earlier books in the series to enjoy this.

Sloane Wilder has changed her name, address and job to escape her past … but now it seems to be catching up with her. She's working as an ER nurse in LA and trying to stay under the radar, but that's difficult when a nosy reporter sees her rescue a teenage girl, and when the hospital's marketing manager wants to put her face on a billboard as the 'face' of Hope Hospital.

That's what's happening on the surface. Underneath, we come to know Sloane as a damaged person—an alcoholic, and a victim of abuse—who is trying to overcome her past. I think this is the strongest part of the novel, as she gradually learns to believe in God, and believe that He can love even someone like her.

The romance and suspense parts of the plot were also well done. There was an excellent twist at the end (excellent meaning I didn’t see it coming, but it fits in hindsight), and I appreciate that. Overall, an excellent medical thriller with unexpected spiritual depth.

Thanks to Tyndale House and NetGalley for providing a free ebook for review. You can find out more about Candace Calvert at her website.


  1. I so appreciate your thoughtful and thorough review of my newest novel--thank you.