9 July 2012

Review: Oregon Outback by Elizabeth Goddard

Oregon Outback is another four-in-one romantic novella collection, set in the high desert country of Oregon, apparently referred to as the Oregon Outback (sorry, Australians). The stories centre around the four Love brothers:

In A Love Remembered, FBI agent Jonas Love is back in Oregon after a mission went wrong, and uses the opportunity to try to reconnect with Darcy Nicholls, the girl he left behind;

In A Love Kindled, Rancher Carver Love has cattle rustlers on his ranch, and has to turn for help to the In attractive Sheriff Sheridan Hall, who he once dated and still has feelings for;

A Love Risked is the story of adrenaline junkie Lucas Love, who finds himself falling for his bookish accountant Sierra, who has been warned against falling for Lucas the heartbreaker;

And finally, in A Love Recovered, bail bond recovery agent (bounty hunter) Justin Love is back home in Oregon, avoiding his brothers and falling for Darrow Kincaid while he waits for her brother, a fugitive, to pay her a visit.

While these stories are all nicely-written, simple romances with manly heroes and likeable heroines, I didn’t find that any of them had that extra something that lifted them beyond ordinary. It’s nothing I can pinpoint: they simply didn’t inspire me. An easy read.

Thanks to Barbour Publishing and NetGalley for providing a free ebook for review

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