20 May 2013

Indie Review: Trust Me Twice by Alison Stanley

Alana Johnston and Zac Whitehouse had been best friends since they were children in Oakley, New South Wales, Australia, and discovered the shared the same birthday. But then Zac’s parents moved. Seven years later, Zac came back. He was cute and cool. And Alana wasn’t. And while Alana thought they might become best friends again, she then overheard something that confirmed it wasn’t meant to be.

Ten years later, Alana and Zac are both back in Oakley. It seems super-cute Zac is now a TV star, on the soap, ‘North Shore’. Not that Alana knew, as she’s too busy with her career to watch TV. Meeting Zac again… the attraction is still there, but she’ll have to work out their new relationship, and review her relationship with God.

I really enjoyed Trust Me Twice. It was an easy and relaxing read, perfect for summer sunbathing (or curling up by a winter fire). There is quite a lot of detail about Alana and Zac as teens, and it was almost too realistic. Remember those times when you said things you didn’t mean, or you said something and it came out totally wrong?

The adult Alana and Zac were much more mature (thankfully). They’d both worked out who they were a bit better, and while there were still a whole bunch of issues to work through before Alana especially could trust Zac again, it was well done. A good read and I’ll look forward to reading more from Alison Stanley.

Thanks to Alison Stanley for providing a free ebook for review. You can find out more about Alison Stanley at her website.

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  1. Good to hear you enjoyed it too, Iola. I thought it was great. :)