3 May 2013

Review: Undeniably Yours by Becky Wade

Megan Cole has just inherited her father's extensive holdings, including an oil company, a range of investments, hundreds of employees, three properties, six luxury cars, a plane… and the Whispering Creek Ranch. And the responsibility is bringing on her panic attacks. Her next task is to fire Bo Porter, the ranch manager, but he has the job he always wanted and manages to persuade Meg to give the ranch a six month reprieve.

Bo is immediately attracted to Meg, which puts him in a delicate situation, as she is his boss and the one who will make the decision about his job and those of twenty other ranch employees. Meg is attracted to Bo because, for some reason, his presence calms her panic attacks. But she is his boss, and to do anything about the attraction would be unethical.

This isn't the typical employee-boss romance (for one thing, the boss is usually the man), and while money is one issue, the main issue (at least for Meg) is trust. Because the last man she gave her heart to stole it, along with two million dollars. And she's still dealing with the consequences of Stephen MacIntyre’s betrayal.

Becky Wade's first book, My Stubborn Heart, caused a minor furore in Christian publishing circles for its use of bad language ('crap' being an example). My personal view was that it was a bit of a storm in a teacup—while there are much worse words in the English language, this one didn't actually need to be there. Perhaps it was just a marketing ploy? Undeniably Yours doesn’t have any bad language, but some readers might find parts of the plot a little edgy because it deals with a couple of sensitive issues, one of which is divorce among Christians.

The writing was very good, and included some amusing throwaway lines, like describing the cat as taking ‘a sharp turn from calm couch potato into Tasmanian devil’ and giving Meg ‘the feline version of “talk to the hand”’. The focus of Undeniably Yours was on Meg and her journey to discover God's peace and His will for her life. We could see her grow in confidence as the story progressed. The character of Bo was weaker, in that he had no faults and didn't have the same change and growth in the story (but he was an almost-perfect hero).

Overall, Undeniably Yours is a good read and shows that Becky Wade is a writer to watch. I’ll certainly be looking forward to her next book. Thanks to Bethany House and NetGalley for providing a free ebook for review. You can find out more about Becky Wade at her website.

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