29 July 2013

Indie Review: Pursued by Kristen Vayden

Abigail Wains is married with two small sons when her husband ups and leaves. As the story progresses, we realise Jack was very controlling and a long way from the perfect Christian husband he seems to think he is. Fortunately, Abby has family living close by and good friends to support her in her time of trial. I can’t really say anything more without giving away the plot, so I’ll just say Pursued is a sweet romance with a strong Christian message of forgiveness, respect and love.

Pursued was written entirely in the first person, from Abby’s viewpoint, which should have meant that we really got to experience everything with her. I certainly saw her anguish and struggle with feelings of unworthiness when Jack left, and I enjoyed her happy ending, but the middle bit was lacking. Despite what the blurb promised, I don’t feel I saw God at work inside her life. I saw the external changes, but the internal changes like her spiritual journey to forgiveness or her growing self-confidence didn’t come through for me, and this was a weakness. If I had seen it, it would have taken the story up a level.

I don’t think the cover really suits the story, and the text could have done with a bit more on the editing side (there were too many run-on sentences), but the story was strong enough to make up for those slight niggles, and I especially enjoyed some of the more comedic moments, like with Abby’s sister, Willow.

Thanks to the author for providing a free ebook for review. You can find out more about Kristen Vayden at her website.

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