20 September 2011

Review: Attracted to Fire by Diann Mills

Meghan Connors has been assigned to the Secret Service detail of Lindsey Hall, the alcoholic and drug-addicted daughter of the Vice President of the United States.  As the only female on the team, she has to battle the prejudices of Ash Zinders, the Special Agent In Charge, who is famous both for his attention to detail (his nickname is ‘A2Z’), and for his belief that women do not belong in the Secret Service.  However, death threats and a series of inexplicable incidents at their supposedly confidential location mean they have to work together to protect Lindsay from an unknown fear that is bigger than her addiction problems.

I really enjoyed Attracted to Fire. I would have read it all in one sitting, except that actually had some paid work to do, so I managed to put that first – then raced home and cooked dinner so I could read more.  Attracted to Fire had excellent characters, good pace, and some real suspense, particularly around the nature of Lindsay’s fear, and (once this was disclosed) how the characters were going to overcome the person who was conspiring to bring down the presidency by manipulating Lindsey.  There was also the growing romantic relationship between Meghan and Ash - despite their efforts to the contrary. The story had an underlying Christian tone, but this formed a backdrop to the main plot rather than being the central theme.

I have read several previous books by Diann Mills, including Breach of Trust (my personal favourite), which won the 2010 Christy Award for Romantic Suspense.  Attracted to Fire is not quite as good as Breach of Trust – but it is close, and it is probably the best romantic suspense novel I have read this year (which is a lot more of a big deal in September than it would have been in March, for example!)  Although I received a free ebook version of Attracted to Fire (courtesy of Tyndale House Publishers and NetGalley), I have also ordered it in hard copy – to reread my favourite parts, and for my friends to borrow…

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  1. "Attracted to Fire" takes the reader into the world of a secrets and lies, the consequences to bad decisions and man's evil nature, but is surrounded by characters that in turn love the Lord and are out to fight the battle against their foes.
    The novel is quick on the draw. One I read while exercising and the hour flew. There is a surety to the plot (and while I don't know much about such matters) there is an authority that the author knows what she is talking about and has done her research.