23 September 2011

Review: A Bride's Portrait of Dodge City, Kansas by Erica Vetsch

Addie was forced to move states after a relationship with the wrong man cost Addie her reputation, which impacted on her uncle’s photography business where she worked as a photographer. In Dodge City, the shock death of her uncle leaves her alone and with just ninety days to pay back the mortgage on their new photography business. But when a new businessman arrives in town, Addie fears her past might be catching up with her. Her secrets will affect her friendship with Fran, who works at the local mercantile, and her might-be-more friendship with Miles Carr, the new Sherrif’s Deputy.

Miles has problems of his own. He is a new Christian who is afraid to speak openly about his faith, and he too has secrets from his past, secrets that might affect his ability to do his job here in Dodge. These fears are confirmed when old acquaintance Vin Rutter arrives in town. Meanwhile, Fran is dreaming of the handsome adventurer who will marry her and take her away from her mundane life – if he can get past her older brothers and Jonas, a childhood friend who has ruined that friendship by announcing that he is in love with her. Fran meets Vin Rutter in the mercantile, and thinks her prayers might just have been answered…

Now, A Bride's Portrait of Dodge City, Kansas is another one of those books where I am not sure about the title. Sure, it is about a portrait photographer in Dodge City, Kansas, but there is no bride in the story. Hmm… Ignore the title, and enjoy the book. I did. It was a fun read, and although a couple of the misunderstandings could have been sorted out much earlier if the characters just spoke to each other, it all ended happily ever after. I particularly liked the originality of the heroine’s occupation – the author had obviously researched early photography, which added to the interest of what could otherwise have been just another historical western romance.

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