30 January 2013

Review: Waiting for Spring by Amanda Cabot

Charlotte Harding is the dressmaker/proprietor of Elan, the most fashionable shop in 1880’s Cheyenne, Wyoming. She is also the widow of First Lieutenant Jeffrey Crowley who died a year ago in mysterious circumstances, and left her running in fear of the unknown ‘baron’ who was responsible for his death. Her only wish is to live a quiet life and protect her blind son with the help of her housekeeper, Gwen Amos.

Barrett Landry is a successful ranch owner who is considering entering politics, but his advisors, Richard Eberhart and Warren Duncan, tell him he needs a wife. He has found the perfect candidate: Miriam Taggert, the daughter of a prominent local businessman. Although Miriam would be the perfect wife, he’s not in love with her and he can’t help being attracted to her dressmaker, despite the fact that Charlotte is not on the same social level as him.

I really enjoyed Waiting for Spring, and didn’t miss anything by not having read the first book in the series, Summer of Promise.This is frontier fiction at its best, with a strong hero, a likeable heroine who has to come to terms with the fact that hiding her history means she is living a lie, and a strong cast of supporting characters, particularly Gwen, Miriam and David (Charlotte’s blind son). The Christian elements are present but not overwhelming, and there was just the right mix of romance and suspense, and (almost) everyone gets what they deserve. Amanda Cabot at her best.

Thanks to Revell and NetGalley for providing a free ebook for review. You can find out more about Amanda Cabot at her website.

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