3 January 2014

Review: Perfect Mercy by Elaine Fraser

Review from my daughter (age 13)

I really enjoyed the book Perfect Mercy. It has everything a good book needs and includes a great message about God too. The story of a girl with a perfect life but then has it turned upside down has been used in other books, but the way this one goes is a really interesting and works very well. I like how we do get to see what the other characters are thinking and that is wasn’t focused on just Mercy.

The message was very good too. It was basically that God is always there for us and he always has a plan. When Mercy’s life was falling to pieces, he showed her new, true friends and helped her become a better person which was told to us very nicely. At first I didn’t really understand the examples for the life lessons but after about ten chapters, I finally worked it out. On the topic of the life lessons, sometimes they weren’t really needed or didn’t really fit in the chapter they were in, the same happened with the examples as well.

There are a lot of mistakes in this book, from missing punctuation to getting names wrong. Luckily, this didn’t affect the storyline of the book. The first mistake I picked up was ‘Sex in the City’ (it should have been ‘Sex AND the City)’. [Mother notes: I’m not sure how she knows this. I’ve never watched SATC and nor has she. The power of advertising? I'm also unsure whether to be proud or worried that she picks up these things]. There were also mistakes like a missing speech marks or no comma where there should have been but nothing too serious.

This was an excellent book that I enjoyed reading very much and I am really looking forward to book two.

You can find out more about Elaine Fraser at her website.

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