8 August 2012

Review: The Scent of Rain by Kristen Billerbeck

Daphne Sweeten has just completed training to be a ‘nose’ in the perfume industry, and has returned home to marry before starting a new life and a new perfume formulation job in Dayton, Ohio. But fiancé Mark Goldsmith doesn’t show up for the wedding, and she later finds out that he has abandoned her and taken her dream job in Paris. The house her father bought her as a wedding present is a dump. And to make matters worse, she seems to have lost her sense of smell.

Jesse Lightner is a middle manager at a struggling consumer products company, and isn’t happy to have a new employee foisted on him when his department is already struggling to make budget. But, prompted by his assistant (who also happens to be his pastor’s wife), Jesse does the right thing and tries to make Daphne feel welcome and wanted.

What follows is an enjoyable romance with a quirky cast of characters, including an ambitious marketing executive, two stereotypical scientists, a solo father (Jesse) and a bereaved almost-bride trying to pull her life back together and making a fair few mistakes along the way. There was one scene that was probably supposed to be funny but I found rather cringe-inducing and parts of the plot did require a bit of suspension of disbelief, but, on the whole, this a was a fun romance between two unlikely people.

The Scent of Rain is the first Kristen Billerbeck adult romance novel I have read, although I have previously read one of her YA novels (Perfectly Dateless) and a novella from Smitten. Based on The Scent of Rain, I would certainly read more. It was a quick and easy read, perfect for a relaxing afternoon.

Thanks to Thomas Nelson and BookSneeze® for providing a free book for review.

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