29 August 2012

Review: Trinity: Military War Dog by Ronie Kendig

Trinity: Military War Dog is the first book in a new series from acclaimed Christian author Ronie Kendig. This novel focuses on ex-Green Beret Health Daniels and his dog, Trinity. Daniels leaves the military after bad intel leaves him injured and suffering PTSD. After being rejected as an Army Chaplain, Heath is given the opportunity to join a newly-created team of military-trained dog and handler teams, available to hire.

Their first mission is not at all what Daniels is looking for: a PR tour in Afghanistan. Here he meets Jai, an attractive Chinese-American who says she is working on a geology team, but who is actually an undercover spy. When there is an incident at the geologist’s camp, Heath and Trinity are asked to assist.

There was an up-front acknowledgement that certain facts had been changed in the story to protect those who work in the area. I appreciate this, because accuracy is important to me, and this shows the author has done her research. She also manages to create Christian characters who fit into the military life without compromising their faith.

There are a lot of characters and several disparate plot threads which can be hard to keep straight, but the result is worth it. Overall, Trinity: Military War Dog is a complex thriller that captures the attention of the reader, then introduces us to a variety of locations and characters, human and canine, with everything tying up in an explosive ending. Excellent thriller.

Thanks to Barbour Books and NetGalley for providing a free ebook for review.

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