20 August 2012

Review: Something Blue by Dianne Christner

Megan Weaver a Conservative Mennonite who works as the assistant to the owner of Char Air, a charter airline who also operate charity flights. Her boss is taking time out to mend his marriage, and his brother is taking over in his absence. Chance Campbell is a missionary pilot in Ecuador, and is immediately attracted to his pretty assistant, despite her unfashionable Mennonite appearance. The attraction is mutual, especially as Megan has always felt she would marry either a minister or a missionary. But Chance is not a Mennonite.

Meanwhile, Megan's church is recruiting a new minister, and one of the applicants is her college nemesis. Micah Zimmerman has changed. He is still attracted to Megan, but finds himself competing for her attention. Micah is trying to get the church members to support hiring him, without giving any of the single women false hope.

I found Megan to be a bit na├»ve and shallow. I could accept her wanting to marry within her own denomination and even could understand her reluctance to move to another country. But I thought it a bit shallow that she felt she couldn’t marry outside her ‘faith’, the Mennonite denomination. After all, Chance is a Christian. Shouldn’t that be enough?

Micah was sweet, caring, sensitive, and hiding his true feelings so he could develop a friendship with Megan. And he’s a Mennonite minister – what more does Megan want? Well, it takes her a while to work out whether she wants the dashing Chance or the conservative Micah, but the ending was worth the wait, and made up for the mid-book dithering between the two.

Something Blue is the third book in the Plain City Bridesmaids series (following Something Old and Something New), but can easily be read as a stand-alone. Enjoyable romance, probably better suited for a younger readership.

Thanks to Barbour and NetGalley for providing a free book for review.

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