28 December 2012

Review: Fire Prophet by Jerel Law

Despite being one quarter angel and having succeeded in rescuing their mother from the forces of evil (in Spirit Fighter, the first book of the Son of Angels series), Jonah and Eliza are almost regular kids, just starting eighth and sixth grades respectively. But their lives quickly change when they are victims of a coordinated attack by Abaddon on worldwide Nephilim and their families, and this time, their younger brother, seven-year-old Jeremiah, is also involved. The angels decide to move the quarterlings to New York for safety—and so they can be trained in battle.

Cue a fast-paced and very visual story with a well-executed if basic good versus evil plot and some good battle scenes where Jonah and Eliza have to exercise their faith. The scenes where Jonah and Eliza were rapidly moving between the physical world and the spiritual realm had the potential to be confusing, and would certainly be more effective on TV. But they certainly made the point that the physical world and the spiritual world are both equally real, even if we can normally only se one.

Fire Prophet is aimed at children aged nine and up, so it does feel a little juvenile at times to the adult reader. But I liked it. It makes no apologies for the fact that we are in a spiritual battle, something us grownups and too easily forget. Yet Fire Prophet gets these truths across in an interesting and exciting manner. It is fiction, like Percy Jackson, but with a Biblical foundation. Recommended for boys, but girls will probably enjoy it too.

Thanks to Thomas Nelson and NetGalley for providing a free ebook for review. You can find out more about Jerel Law at his website.

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