26 December 2012

Review: It's Time to Fly by Linda C Davis

It's Time to Fly: Daily Devotionals for Families consists of daily devotionals for families. It’s designed so that each chapter in the book is related to one of the songs on Ka*Pop’s recording “It's Time To Fly” and there are seven devotionals - a week’s worth - related to each song. I’ve never heard of Ka*Pop, never heard any of their songs, and I really thought the devotionals really need the music to be appealing. Otherwise they are just a set of loosely-related discussions, although there were occasional gems, like “The more time I spend with God and read His word, the easier it is to feel His presence in my life.”

Each devotion has a short passage to read, a brief prayer, two or three related discussion questions and a relevant paraphrased Bible verse. The devotions would be most suited to families who own or know the songs, and who have small children, probably pre-schoolers. I think that older children would fine the devotions too juvenile, and that a week spent on a single song would be too long and boring.

I'm not convinced the author really knows what age group she is targeting these devotions at. The writing seems at a similar level to other grade school devotional books I have bought for my children, but then it talks about being rejected by a boyfriend or girlfriend, which I would have hoped was a high school problem. It reads as a family devotional, yet advice like “get involved in your local church” suggests it is trying to attract new Christians as well.

The best part is Ka*Pop's statement of belief at the end of the book. That would make a worthwhile topic for a series of family devotions. If you have young children who know and enjoy the Ka*Pop songs these devotionals are based on, then they would probably get something out of this book. Otherwise, go for something with a more Biblical base and a little more depth.

Thanks to Fields of Gold Publishing and NetGalley for providing a free ebook for review. You can find out more about Ka*Pop at their website or online shop.

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