30 October 2015

Review: Love in the Details by Becky Wade

Practically Perfect

Love in the Details is another novella in the Zondervan Year of Weddings series, each of which is a standalone novella. I’ve read several of them, and Love in the Details is definitely one of the better stories in the series. Becky Wade is an excellent author, who manages to inject just the right level of humour into what could have been a depressingly sad story.

Holly Morgan fell in love with Josh Bowen at high school, but broke up with him during their first year of college. What he never knew—because she never told him—is that she broke up at the request of his mother, who was afraid he’d throw his college scholarship and come home to Texas. Holly broke up with him, he never came home, and how he’s a tech billionaire (oh, gone are the days where mere millionaires were considered romantic heroes!).

Now Josh is temporarily back in Martinsburg, Texas, for his best friend’s wedding. He’s best man, and Holly is the church wedding liaison, which throws them together once more, and Holly finds Josh still hasn’t forgiven her … and she still hasn’t gotten over him. Will they be able to get over their past and find true love? Well, this is a romance novella, so the answer to that should be pretty obvious.

However, Love in the Details manages to be more than a cliché romance. The writing is excellent, both characters are lovable and well-developed, and the combination of internal conflict and external attraction makes this an excellent short read. Recommended.

Thanks to Zondervan and NetGalley for providing a free ebook for review.

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