12 October 2015

Review: Vendetta by Lisa Harris

A New Suspense Series

Lisa Harris is a master (mistress?) of fast-paced suspense, and Vendetta is no exception. It’s the first in a new series about Nikki Boyd, a member of the state Missing Persons Task Force, and promises an intriguing story arc across the series: Nikki’s own sister, Sarah, disappeared ten years ago and has never been found. Several hints about Sarah’s abduction—and her kidnapper—were dropped during Vendetta, and I look forward to seeing the progress in this subplot in the next book.

The other thing I look forward to seeing more of is Nikki’s relationship with Tyler Grant, the widowed husband of Nikki’s best friend, Katie, who died exactly a year before Vendetta begins. There are hints of a developing relationship between Nikki and Tyler (yay! says the romantic suspense fan), and hints of something unknown about Katie’s accidental death. Tyler is an all-American hero, almost too good to be true except for his doubts about his Christian faith since the death of his wife.

Nikki is also an excellent character: intelligent, brave, and determined to solve both the mystery of Sarah’s disappearance, and the current disappearance of Kara, a sixteen-year-old who went for a walk and never came back. Vendetta has a strong plot with plenty of clues and red herrings, and I never guessed who the evildoer was … always a good thing.

There were some editing glitches around the dialogue tags, and the end of the novel seemed to come too quickly, but overall, this was an excellent novel and I’ll be looking forward to the sequel.

Thanks to Revell and NetGalley for providing a free ebook for review.

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