27 May 2016

Friday Fifteen: Christy and Sarah Newman

Today I'd like to welcome authors Christy and Sarah Newman to Iola's Christian Reads. The sisters have recently published their first novel, Madra Rising, and are here today to share their own favourite authors. Welcome, Christy and Sarah!

1. The Bible authors (first and foremost)

God, speaking through them, gives us endless wisdom, delight, understanding, direction, and the most solid foundation there is.

2. J. R. R. Tolkien 

His writing style encourages us to use our imaginations with honor to the King.

3. Walter Farley 

We love horses, and his writings were fun to read.

4. Robert Frost 

His poetry is so descriptive we can see, feel, smell, and hear his poems come to life. We aim to make our descriptions beautiful.

5. C. S. Lewis 

He is a highly intelligent man, and his writings say much that is important in a manner readily understood by all.

6. Robert Louis Stevenson 

Treasure Island is loved by many and sweeps us away to great adventure.

7. Frank E. Peretti 

Just a gripping and exciting storyteller.

8. William Shakespeare 

Let me count the ways.

9. Erin Hunter 

When I was a child, her stories, brought to life with cats, entertained me and made me want to write.

10. William Goldman 

He brought almost everyone’s favorite, S. Morgenstern’s classic, The Princess Bride, to life. Quotes from his book (and movie) never grow old.

11. Sherri Schoenborn Murray 

Although she is a new author, her books touched us deeply.

12. Edgar Allen Poe 

Although often dark, Poe’s brilliance shines through his work.

13. R. C. Sproul 

He is one of the foremost theologians of our time, making the heaviest and most difficult theological questions understandable to the layman. He has even written beautiful children’s books.

14. Lloyd Alexander 

He wrote books with a standard of excellence in fantasy literature for children. His characters are fun for children while teaching important lessons.

15. T. H. White 

He brought Arthurian legends to life for us.

Cristy and Sarah have recently published Madra Rising, a Christian Fantasy/Romance novel. It is an innocent fantasy romance with Christian undertones which brings together castles, royalty, adventure, and dragons in a way that will satisfy your desire for good and justice to triumph over evil. Nonstop action along with keen humor and fellowship will lead you through this medieval-type world where knights, kingdoms, countrymen, and royalty team up to bring tyranny to a timely end.

The only fantasy element is dragons, but we’re not so sure they are fantasy because they are mentioned in the Bible. It has surprises, humor, and a quick pace. It is clean of foul language, gruesome violence, and sex. You can read the opening below:

About Christy and Sarah Newman

We are sisters and best friends, artists, musicians, and award-winning authors who live, eat, ride horses, sing off key, and work in tandem to produce books for your entertainment and our pleasure. We are teen students living, studying, and writing in the high desert. Our goal is to provide clean, God-honoring fiction with undercurrents of Christian themes and good values.

My sister and I love writing together. We enjoy it so much we don't consider the uncountable hours we spend on our books as work. Life can be difficult, and our books will take you away to another world for a while. -- In His Grip, Christy & Sarah Newman.

Please see our website at https://www.SilverMistBooks.com

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  1. How admirable that teens are involved in such constructive activities that benefit others. I'll pass this review on to my friends with teenagers.

    1. Great, isn't it? I hope your friends enjoy it.