30 June 2016

Review: The Butterfly Bride by Lacy Williams

A Lovely Romance Novella

A Butterfly Bride is the third and final book in the Lone Star Brides trilogy from Serenade Books. Each novella is a standalone story from a different author: The Bluebonnet Bride by Pamela Tracy, The Bull Rider’s Bride by Vickie McDonough, then The Butterfly Bride from Lacy Williams.

Yes, The Butterfly Bride is a novella, so it’s a short read—great for those who want a sweet romance they can read in an evening and finish with an ahhh feeling.

Luke Starr is horsesitting the family ranch while his twin brothers are on their respective honeymoons. He’s counting the days until he can leave again . . . until he meets special education teacher Jessica Sadler, one of the teachers supervising a school visit to the ranch that Gramma forgot to tell him about. He’s worried children could get hurt on a working ranch; she can’t see how tagging butterflies could be dangerous.

Anyway, this is a romance novella, so one thing leads to another until they admit their mutual attraction and get over themselves long enough to do something about it. We all know what the end game is going to be, and we all know the fun is in the journey as two characters have to deal with their mutual issues. And the journey is a lot of fun.

Recommended for romance fans.

Thanks to Seranade Books for providing a free ebook for review.

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  1. The Butterfly Bride sounds like a fun, short read! And I don't think I've read about a hero who was horsesitting before!