11 December 2015

ACRBA Review: Star! Stable! Saviour! by Cameron Semmens, Illustrated by Rod Allen

6 - 10 December
is introducing

Star! Stable! Saviour!

(Wombat Books 1 December 2015)


Cameron Semmens

About the Book:

“Forget the kids! It was me who loved this in our house. OK, the kids did too!” – Sally Smith
The traditional Christmas story has been told and re-told for nearly two thousand years – but never quite like this. Poet Cameron Semmens’s quirky and alliterated re-telling of it in Star! Stable! Savior! brings a totally fresh perspective on the ancient Christmas story.

Originally published in 2007 under the title The Story of The Star, The Stable and The Saviour, the book sold out after only a few years. Now it’s back with a fresh, punchy new title,

About the Author

Cameron Semmens is a poet, entertainer and poetry educator with 15 books to his name. He makes his living through words: performing, running workshops and book design. He lives in the Dandenong Rangers with his wife and two children.

My Review: Fun!

Star! Stable! Saviour! is the familiar Christmas story, retold for preschool children by Australian poet Cameron Semmens, and “supercharged with a startling stream of S’s”. Yes, it’s the Christmas story with alliteration. Yes, there are a few changes from the traditional version (the wise men are scientists, and wear snazzy sneakers), but it keeps as closely to the account in Matthew as is possible given the emphasis on words beginning with ‘S’.

Yes, it’s a little contrived at times, but it’s a quick and fun read, and small people will love the repetition and the alliteration. The illustrations are bright and colourful, and sure to attract the attention of said small souls. You might even find the alliteration rubs off on you …

Recommended for those looking for a different take on a well-known story. Thanks to Wombat Books for providing a free paperback for review.

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