7 January 2015

Review: Mortal Insight by EB James

What's in the water?

Steve Keller is seeing dead people. Only they aren’t dead—an error which means he finds himself on leave from his job as a detective with the Sexual Crimes unit, and on the psychiatrist’s couch. This isn’t helping his non-relationship with his ex-wife, or her kooky mother.

But a blind date and a chance encounter force Steve to look deeper into a new soft drink, and he doesn’t like what he finds: evidence of unsafe additives in the food chain, a high-level cover-up.

Mortal Insight is a fast-paced suspense novel. There are two unique hooks: Steve’s unexplained visions, and the mystery ingredient in EN+, the new non-alcoholic drink which is taking the nightclub scene by storm. It is well-plotted, with plenty of twists and turns as Steve and his colleagues try and puzzle out the mystery.

The writing was solid, and although Mortal Insight isn’t specifically Christian fiction, the author is a Christian and this is reflected in some of the characters. I think my favourite character was Dorothy, the mother-in-law who turns out to be not as crazy as Steve first thought (her friends, on the other hand …).

Mortal Insight is the first novel from author EB James, who is actually Australian author Meredith Resce, best known for her Christian historical romance novels. I thought Mortal Insight was her best yet, and I hope we see more novels from EB James. Recommended for fans of fast-paced suspense.

Thanks to the author for providing a free ebook for review. You can find out more about E B James at the website of her alter ego, Meredith Resce.

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