8 May 2015

Review: Seaside Proposal by Narelle Atkins

More than the usual

Billie Radcliffe has taken a temporary job in Sapphire Bay Beach, and is hosting her family for Christmas—and her sister’s friend from church, Zach Montford, who is running a youth camp at the beach over New Year. There’s an immediate attraction between Billie and Zach, but their different views on Christianity are an issue. She gave up on church as a teenager; he’s considering giving up his career and going to Bible college. But she has an ulterior motive in staying in Sapphire Bay, and while she’s secretly attending Riverwood Community Church, it’s not about her faith.

With a title like ‘Seaside Proposal’ and an engagement scene on the cover, there’s not a lot of doubt around the will-they-won’t-they of the romance. But Seaside Proposal managed to pack a lot more into the story. Those who have read the earlier books in this series may remember that Billie and her sister Julie are both adopted. Julie was reunited with her birth mother in the last book, and now it’s Billie’s turn. Of course, that’s not something she’s shared with her family … or with Zach.

As a result, the story was perhaps a little more complex than the regular Heartsong Presents, yet without skimping on the romantic elements. Sure, there was the romance plot, but there was also the adoption subplot, and a related subplot about Billie reconsidering her faith (or lack thereof). Zach might have been a little too perfect as a character, but Billie was very real, facing big decisions and learning again that life doesn’t always go to plan.

Yes, the ending was perhaps a little too perfect, but this is a romance novel, not real life. It’s meant to be entertainment, and it certainly succeeded in that. Recommended, for managing to be more than a simple Christian romance.

Thanks to the author for providing a free book for review. You can find out more about Narelle Atkins at her website, www.narelleatkins.com.


  1. Hi Iola, Thanks for your lovely review of Seaside Proposal.

    1. A pleasure, Narelle, and I'll be looking forward to whatever's next.

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