12 June 2015

Review: Kiss The Cowboy by Julie Jarnagin

Amazon Book Description

What if your competition for your dream job…was your dream man? All Lucy Pickett needs to become executive chef in one of Dallas’s finest restaurants is to pull off the high-profile wedding she’s catering. So what if she’s forced to share duties with Dylan Lawson, a modern-day chuck-wagon cook? So what if he’s got rugged looks and cowboy charm? None of that is going to knock her off her game. 

Until she learns the restaurateur is considering Dylan for the position she wants. Game on–and it’s a winner-take-all event! 

Dylan Lawson finally has the opportunity he’s been waiting for to prove he can do more than just be a ranch hand. The only thing standing in his way is the fiery chef fighting for the same position. Will the heated competition scorch any chance they have for love?

My Review

Food and cowboys? In Texas? What more could you want in a good novel? Well, to be able to EAT the scrumptious-sounding food these two prepare as they each fight for their dream job: Lucy so she can prove to herself—and her family—that she’s got what it takes to be successful, and Wyatt to pay medical and college bills. All they’ve got to do is combine her haute cuisine with his down-home cooking and gain the agreement of the cowboy groom, the socialite bride, and the eccentric matriarch. And ignore the fact that it’s not just the food that sizzles …

Kiss the Cowboy was an enjoyable combination of witty banter, chemistry, deeper discoveries, and more than one sizzling kiss. It was a good plot which managed to neither speed nor drag, likeable (loveable?) characters it was easy to sympathise and empathise with, and a solid Christian message about the importance of finding and living the life God wants for us, not the life others thing we should have.

The Kindle version of this book includes a free novella, which is Heather and Wyatt’s story. If you haven’t already read it, you might want to read it first—not that you have to read it to enjoy Kiss the Cowboy, but I prefer to read a series in order. I don’t know why, because it’s a romance novella, so it’s pretty obvious what the ending is going to be. Nevertheless, I prefer not to read what came before after reading what came after.

Thanks to Redbud Press for providing a free ebook for review.

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