31 March 2016

Review: Replicate by Adele Jones

Thrilling YA Suspense Series

If you’re the kind of reader who doesn’t like endings that make you want to read the next book NOW, then you’ll want to wait until the final book in this trilogy releases later in 2016. And do read the series in order: Integrate, Replicate, Activate, because while each novel follows on from the previous one.

Replicate continues the story of eighteen-year-old Blaine Colton, beneficiary of Ramer’s Cure, which has cured his hereditary degenerative mitochondrial disease, but may itself be a death sentence. His childhood friend and potential girlfriend, Sophie, is now working in scientific research at the Institute that produced Blaine’s cure. But when Blaine finds embryos with his name on them at the Institute, it’s apparent that the unethical and sometimes illegal activities introduced in Integrate didn’t end there.

The plot is excellent—clever, tightly plotted, plenty of tension and suspense, all enhanced by the consistent fast pace that feels as though you’re living the chase in real time with Blaine. There are plenty of twists and turns, some more unexpected than others, and it kept me turning pages until the end. I will admit that I didn’t understand all the science, but that could have been because I was reading quickly, wanting to find out what happened and whether . . . no. That would be a spoiler.

The characters are also excellent, although there were a few times I got annoyed with Blaine or Sophie for doing or not doing something, or for making stupid decisions. Then I remembered they’re teenagers, and logic isn’t high on their list of attributes. Yes, for fictional teenagers in an unreal situation, their behavior was all too real.

All in all, an excellent YA suspense novel. Recommended. You can find out more about Adele Jones and the Integrate series at her website ( www.adelejonesauthor.com), or you can read a sample here:

Thanks to Rhiza Press for providing a free book for review.

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  1. Great review Iola. Wait 'til you find out what happens in the next one. EEK!