29 July 2014

Review: Too Pretty by Andrea Grigg

Too Funny!

Gabrielle Paxton is a missionary kid who grew up in Papua New Guinea before returning to Australia when she was fourteen. That was when she discovered people judged her more for her looks—and while that didn’t always work to her advantage, it didn’t make her immune from judging others based on the way they look.

Nathaniel Watson catches her attention immediately, but he’s got that restrained dentist look going on, and she’s not interested in the medical professions. No matter. He doesn’t seem interested in her either, and she’s just decided she’s not going to date for six months:

I want to allow God to fill up those spaces, not boyfriends or even my family.

It seems easy until a chance meeting with an old school friend brings her face to face with Nathaniel …

I couldn’t completely relate to Gabrielle (not having been a teenage blonde bombshell myself!), but I could understand her problem and admire the way she decided to seek God first. We live in a society where people judge based on outward appearance, and we all need to learn to allow God to fill that void inside us, rather than relying on a boyfriend, career, or family. What was interesting about Too Pretty was that it wasn’t only Gabrielle who needed to learn this lesson.

Too Pretty is Andrea Grigg’s second novel. I thought the first, A Simple Mistake, was excellent, which made me a little nervous when reading Too Pretty . What if I didn’t like it? But I did. It’s fun and funny and romantic and thought-provoking, with a great set of characters and a strong Christian message. And such a cool cover!

Recommended for fans of contemporary romance from authors like Victoria Bylin, Carla Laureano, Mellissa Tagg and Becky Wade.

Thanks to Andrea Grigg and Rhiza Press for providing a free ebook for review. You can find out more about Andrea Grigg at her website, or read our interview.


  1. Thank you for your reviews, Iola. I too enjoyed Andrea's first book very much and am looking forward to this one also.

  2. Thanks for the review Iola - glad you weren't disappointed! Hope you enjoy Too Pretty as well, Mary.

    1. Sorry to have taken so long to get back here, but did want to mention to others reading the comments that I did enjoy this second book, VERY much. Thank you for a another good, fun read, Andrea, and hoping there is another book of yours on the way!

  3. I've just finished reading 'Too Pretty' and the humour and antics of the characters really got me in. Although I've never been a blonde bombshell, I could certainly relate to the family dynamics in the initial scenes, and as the story developed, sensed that the real issues underpinning Ellie's struggle were ones most readers could identity with in various ways.